Product Analyst

Understand what users are doing in your software and make data-driven product decisions.

Data-driven decision making

Your team will know what to prioritize in sprints based on user behaviour & feedback.

Weekly reporting

Weekly overview of active users, their behaviour, dropoffs etc. via dashboards & custom reports.

User adoption boost

In app banners, tooltips & walkthroughs to empower users to perform your product's core actions.

Currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Ex-Apple advisor. Ex-employee no.4 at one of Google's startups called IrisCX. Analytics graduate from University of South Florida (Top 25).

Now helping product-led SaaS companies across North America & Europe use Pendo to understand usage, boost engagement and design delightful in-app experiences over the past 3 years.

Fun fact: I’ve lived, studied, and worked in 6 different cities across North America & Asia over the past 8 years.

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